About 2Kleen & 2K Supplies

Founded in 2012 2kleen is a family run enterprise that recognises that everybody has a choice.

What you buy, where you buy from, & most importantly, why you choose to do so, are all choices.

As a company we respect this.

Our strategy is to position 2K Supplies to be the answer to question 2, where do you choose to buy from?

To do this we have to work especially hard in convincing our customers that we are your supplier of choice.

And how do we do that?

By purchasing mainly from manufacturers

This ensures we can maintain competitive pricing

By paying careful attention to the composition of our product range

This allows us to state that our product quality is second to none.

And, finally,

Attention to detail

This means that we can dispatch and ensure delivery in the most effective way.

So putting all this together we feel that we can rightly say that we: 

- have the products you want to buy

- are the people you want to to buy from


- you choose to do so because we are here to help you